Sunday, March 27, 2011

Even More Dominoes

Stamped and painted

This group is made using Cherry Pie Stamps

I was asked the share the techniques and supplies I used to make these dominoes so here it goes :-)

First I soak the dominoes in bleach overnight to get the shine off of them (I have tried sanding but didn’t like the finish it left when I stamped and painted.)

The ink I used was Stazon

Paints used:

-Jacquard Lumiere

-Car model paints (I used these the most and you can get them at places like Wal-Mart where they have the car models you can build.) They sell 2 different kinds of this paint and one being enamel which I didn’t use much because it did a number on my paint brushes.

I also have used Prisma Markers and even colored pencils but you need to spray the domino after you have stamped it with a workable fixative so the stamped image doesn’t smear when you color it with the markers or pencils.

This next tip is what really makes a lot of the dominoes look awesome. Say you have a stamp image that is of a person as the main focal point or if the main focal has a lot of details (i.e the Alfred Hitchcock domino) before you stamp the domino, paint the domino in a skin tone color and after the paint is dried stamp your image and viola! This helps keep the great details of the stamped image and then just paint around the rest of the image with another color to cover up the skin tone that doesn’t belong. I also did this with the Africa Postoid stamp with the elephants in another post; I painted the domino with grey paint and then stamped the image and painted in the other areas for the sky, grass, etc with the appropriate colors.

When you are done then just spray the dominoes with a clear coat. I hope this helps and if anyone has any more questions please feel free to ask.


Stephanie Rodgers said...

All your dominoes are just beautiful! Could you post to your blog the process you use, what type of stamp ink, paint, etc.? Do you apply some type of finish? I could never paint like you, but maybe a simple design I could do. That's why I stamp ... I'm in no way an artist!

Karen said...

These are wonderful! Amazing art on such a small surface.